Below are my various bodies of work

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Leland Philpot? What Kinda Name IS That… 2?

The 2nd Installment in the WKNIT storyline, this mixtape boasts of all original beats, rhymes, and engineering. WKNIT2 is clearly his best work to date, and is sure to impress any listener with it’s wittiness, savvy, and it’s unabashed embrace of truth… all cleverly w(rapped) in hip-hop form.

Ladies and Gentlemen… WKNIT2


Leland Philpot? What Kinda Name IS That?!?

Made in Sep. 2017, it is a pooling of his effort and expertise. The result is a sharper lyricism than ever before, and an even more cohesive body of work. Click the link for a free download!


From 20 to 20k

Dropped May 6th 2017, this is truly a testament to his craft. An entirely self - produced, written, and engineered project, it's premise is the constant striving for betterment. From faith to faith... From 20 to 20k

Now available at all digital outlets


Nickel For MY Thoughts

Made in Sep. 2016, Nickel is a more condensed body of work with an emphasis on appealing to the listeners by focused engineering, relatable lyrics, and those classic J dilla and Madlib beats that every hip-hop head loves. Click the link...


Ayyy... It's a Mixtape

Made in May 2015, Ayyy brings lyricism to the forefront as various beats are tackled in the most wordsmith-y way possible. Click the link to check it out.