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I'm a Producer/Engineer/Emcee, and I started when I was 14. This all began at a non-profit program called The computer clubhouse in Rogers Park. A volunteer was running the studio one day and I got up the courage to sing. Problem was...I couldn't sing. So when he sat me down and told me that, I broke down like a baby...but then he asked me something magical, "Wanna learn how to make beats?"

Since then, It's been a passion I can't let go, no matter what happens in my life, my love and gift for music is without repentance and I understand that it is more about being at peace with my maker through Christ than whether or not I can make a million dollars a beat...although that would be VERY nice.

Leland Philpot is a Producer that dedicates a lot of time to study and practice, both in the booth, and outside the booth in terms of faith and musicianship. He’s an engineer that loves to study the great albums of the past and emulate that into every track he’s creating, with an emphasis on sonic excellence. He’s an emcee that aims put a Jesus-Centered message in every lyric, that teaches people how to live FOR God, as well as crafting raps that aim to push the genre of Hip-Hop/Rap. “I hope to bring joy, truth, and my story to the listeners.”